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At Integrated K9 Services it is our goal to make your life easier. We are dedicated to helping our clients build a better relationship with their dogs through obedience training.   We provide a variety of services and training options to help our clients meet their goals with their dogs.

Training takes practise, patience and persistence and other family members need to participate in the training to provide a consistent environment.

Our training method offers a balanced approach. We prefer to praise a dog with physical touch and verbal praise for behaviours that we want to maintain and ‘correct’ them with a leash and collar correction for behaviours that we want to modify. This way, the dog learns that there is a consequence for unwanted behaviour and eliminates the need to constantly use food as a reward.

We also have a close working relationship with other trainers and kennels. Through our contacts, we can provide referrals for In-Board Training, Personal Protection or Detection Training, and Security Services.

Basic Obedience Training

Obedience Training

Obedience Training